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On the hunt for the listener engagement bonus

Jill (Conquering Cognitions)
3 min readJun 16, 2022


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A few months back, I read an article about an engagement bonus for listening time. In March and April, when people listened to stories on this platform, the author received a little extra money.

Is that still happening? I have no idea, but I do know that I haven’t received one cent for listening time. Not.One.

No one is listening to me.

For Your Ears Only

Because I like money and a good challenge, I have decided to increase my listenership by offering a special one-time-only offer to those who enjoy my articles through the audio feature.

The following paragraph has never-before-shared, psychologist-approved life tips guaranteed to lead you to love, money, and happiness. These nuggets are so valuable that they are written in invisible ink and only my listeners will benefit from them.

And those, my audio friends, are the secrets to changing your life!

Listen Up

If those confidential, top-secret tips don’t tempt you to start listening, here are three more reasons I’m best on audio:

  • I have a lovely voice. I’m a skilled enunciator with a delightful British accent and a charming name, Stephanie (English, Female).
  • You can listen to me almost anywhere — during a conversation with your spouse, while participating in therapy, at a work meeting, or during a dinner party. Since this is eyes-free entertainment, you can pretend to be engaged in any number of activities while giving your full attention to me.
  • I can help you sleep. Crawl into bed, put in your earbuds, and fall asleep to over 110 soothing stories about cats, goats, parenting, and anxiety. My articles are the perfect sleep aid.

Bonus Offer

For the next hour, I’m offering a bonus to listeners. Tune in for a beautiful rendition of Ave Maria sung by yours truly, Stephanie (English, female). It is my gift to you.

If you are listening to this story but didn’t hear the promised song, you didn’t act quickly enough. To prevent this from happening again, subscribe here to get an…



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